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It’s hard to imagine a good retention rate or a brand recall without a beautiful & easy to go UX/UI design that gives a unique experience to users. With sheer business idealization in mind, we develop intuitive, impactful UX/UI designs that tell brand stories seamlessly. We work for 360* UX/UI Designs, It may be responsive web design, app screens, wireframe design, product design or graphic design.
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Whether your goal is to expand your business, create new opportunities or revitalize your revenue, you would need a seamless UX/UI Design to gain mass interest as it’s the first step where people get their first impression of your brand. This is also an important step where people lose their business.

We help companies create powerful, visually appealing designs for their clients as per their business needs, it helps to increase your brand recall and retention rate by 23.7%. Our seamless designs will also help your business to grow your ROI at least by 37.89%.

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Need help in deciding the right kind of UI/UX Design for your business?

Not sure which UI/UX design is right for you? Drop us a line, we would be more than happy to assist you with the same.


Case Study

Gormet Rainbow Fresh LLP

Designed & Developed Ecommerce Website & App

Rainbow Fresh are the largest free range exotic chicken farmers in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh with a capacity of up to 15000+ exotic chickens which are bio secured from outsider’s entrance.
Requirement : To get easy order access to raw chicken, meat, eggs, fishes, muttons etc for local audiences in bhopal and Indore.
Solution: Our team has implemented a sophisticated design & algorithm to automate the exclusion of products for clients outside the scope of Bhopal and Indore. This location-centric approach is supported by our cutting-edge app, which is designed to exclusively serve clients within these two areas based on their specific pincodes. Our commitment to precision and efficiency enables us to deliver exceptional service to our valued customers.

Need help in deciding the right kind of UI/UX Design for your business?

Not sure which UI/UX design is right for you? Drop us a line, we would be more than happy to assist you with the same.

How We Deliver The UX/UI Design That Actually Move People

Market Research & Analysis

Before designing, it is important to understand the context of a project and the client requirement & once it's done we start analyzing the different data related to the product so as to understand the complexity and challenges it may have.

Concept Presentation

After all the detailed analysis, it’s time to draw a workflow step by step to understand the project in detail so as to clear the concept of designing of different frames and interface at different levels which will help to complete the project on time without any hurdles.

UX/UI Wireframes

Once conceptualization is done, we prototype the web/app structure as its presence ensures the functionality of web/app. Each frame and interface will be designed in such a way that it fulfills business needs and requirements while giving an easy to go experience to the end user.

Front-End Development

Once the wireframes are approved by the client, we create fully functional UX/UI for your web/app. As the end user is king, we ensure that the web/app should sync with the brand identity and it should tell the brand story in such a way where the audience can feel connected.

Validation Or Testing

Once everything is done, we test the full product at micro level and check each end point and try to find hurdles and validate all components against user requirements. We also take feedback from our tester and other users to identify the real issue or bugs, if they find any.


Once testing is done, it is time to launch it further to the development team for the creation of important components at backend level which are crucial to run a product smoothly and there could be different levels of testing like internal testing, user testing etc that can be carried out simultaneously.

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Need help in deciding the right kind of UI/UX Design for your business?

Not sure which UI/UX design is right for you? Drop us a line, we would be more than happy to assist you with the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

A user interface is a place where interactions between humans and machines occur. It allows users to effectively operate a machine to complete a task or achieve a specific goal, like making a purchase or downloading an app.
A UX designer thinks about how the experience makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks. They also observe and conduct task analyzes to see how users actually complete tasks in a user flow.
The meanings of UX and UI imply that they are related design disciplines, yet they are very different in nature. The UI design is more concerned with the visual properties of design as well as the overall feel it conveys. But without great UX, even the most beautifully designed UI will cause a bad user experience.
For any business that delivers its service or product through an app or website, UX design is as critical as sales, branding or marketing. Because good UX design directly improves the bottom line.
Our team starts all UI/UX projects with thorough user research and competitive analysis. We’ll create personas of your ideal users, draft “red routes” of actions we’d like them to take while on the website, and then engage in user and A/B testing to see whether they are performing the correct behaviors.
All UI/UX engagements start with a kick-off meeting over the phone or in person. During this meeting, we’ll learn more about your organization, its stakeholders, and its goals. After we gather these requirements, we’ll create user personas, conduct competitive analysis, and move into wireframing your site or application.
Our UI/UX team designs websites, custom applications, and mobile applications as well.
User Experience refers to the ease at which a user can reach their goal, such as ordering a pizza with their phone. User Interface includes the shapes, colors, and sizes of each digital element. Making good decisions for the UI will result in an improved UX, with bad UI decisions negatively affecting UX. Generally, we talk about UX/UI together because both processes are performed by the same team, though they can be done separately.

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