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We promise with our very well built software is Reliability.
Unlock our custom software development, product development, and quality assurance skills for companies of all sizes and shapes. We offer full-cycle development services as a top software development firm, allowing businesses to be agile, futuristic, and high-performing. We have successfully delivered 111+ softwares in 15+ different categories of business.
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No matter what type of business you own, you will need online platforms to improve your working capability, client’s experiences, bring more feature-rich and innovative products to market, and make setups more safe, productive, and efficient. Paying a third party for your software is not only highly expensive but also increases your dependency on them. Also these are mostly not as per your custom requirement.

Having a well-constructed platform can guarantee a huge enhancement in revenue. It not only saves space but also integrates and centralizes data so that it is easy to access for those who need it. Also, it is easy to protect your data from outsiders.The data collected from day to day tasks, when combined with the right software, can be utilized by businesses to keep a record of the trends among their clients.

Distinguish from your competitors with our software development solutions and become more competitive.

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Our Services

Choose the best service for business need

CRM & ERP Software

Shipping & Inventory Management

SAAS or Marketing Software

LMS & EDTECH Software


Call center and Voip

Project & Employee Management

NFT & Crypto Development

HR & Fintech Software

Customized Software

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Case Study

VLCC Health Care Limited

Developed Software To Track Product Prices

VLCC Health Care is among the first multi-outlet corporate operations in the Skincare, Beauty & Wellness Industry in India. VLCC Group’s operations currently span 310 locations in 139 cities and 11 countries.
Requirement : To keep a check on higher product prices, assigned by different distributors on various Ecommerce platforms.
Solution: We provided a custom software where the VLCC internal team can track each distributor’s profile on various Ecommerce platforms & track their higher product prices and total sales to save their commission margins.

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Strategies Employed To Create Your Online Platforms


We gather all essential software requirement information from the customer in order to design custom software development solutions that meet their needs.


We create the initial layout of the software to understand system architecture and technology stack. UI/UX are then created in accordance with the standards.


Developers begin building the complete system by creating code in the programming language, methods, and approaches of their choice phase by phase.


We evaluate and verify the software for its working. The benefits of this testing includes preventing bugs, reducing development costs and improving performance.


Through faster and frequent deployment, we deliver applications, modules, updates, and patches from developers to users. And also provide training to use the software.


According to the service level agreement, we ensure that demands are addressed and that the system continues to work in accordance with your specifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing a company’s interactions with existing and prospective customers. It employs data analysis on a customer’s history with a firm to strengthen commercial relationships with customers, with a particular emphasis on customer retention and eventually generating sales growth.

ERP is an acronym for Company Resource Planning, which essentially implies the total unionization of all business processes by orchestrating all data across all levels of the enterprise in order to make crucial data-driven decisions. We are a prime destination for Enterprises seeking the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Solutions because we cover the entire industry spectrum, from Educational ERP, Energy ERP, Healthcare ERP, Hospitality ERP, Insurance ERP, Manufacturing ERP, Real-Estate ERP, Retail ERP, Sports ERP, and Transport ERP. With our vast experience, we supply conventional as well as bespoke ERP software systems that cover all functional areas such as Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Inventory, Supply Chain, and Material Management.

You do not need to be a software development specialist since we are. While working on the project, we are ready to clarify any ambiguous times and the significance of each stage.


All you need is a clear vision of the goals you wish to achieve with the software product in question. As a result, all you have to do is concentrate on your requirements, and we will assist you in making them a reality.

Each project is distinct and requires a tailored strategy, however, the majority of the development stages are universal. However, the method through which they are implemented may differ.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a software application-based solution to various HR operations in a single package, including administrative benefits, payroll system, recruiting procedures, training & performance analysis, and review system. HRMS has become an essential necessity for every sector since it controls and monitors the whole employee/staff/trainee teams and networks through a single platform, allowing companies to operate smoothly and without complications.

We can’t give an exact response to this issue because some projects are completed in two to three weeks, while others take years to complete.

To give you an accurate response, we must assess the project’s complexity and scope of work. We can give you an anticipated time frame based on this information.

We operate in a short iteration mode and evaluate the work results on a frequent basis, taking into consideration all customer preferences as well as the reaction of the target audience. This technique enables us to supply high-quality items to our clients while meeting their deadlines. Our major emphasis is quality.

Yes, we are always happy to offer technical assistance and support for the apps we have created. If you need to add additional features or integrate third-party services, we can help you expand your software product further.

Software Development Companies in Greater Noida

There are software development companies in Greater Noida at Promotive Digital Solutions with which you can improve digital events. Software development companies help any business work fine and allow you to automate your business and increase your productivity with less effort.

Software development companies in Noida are best for your startup business with the motive and awareness regarding your companion or partner abilities, knowledge, and skills in the operations of your organization. Software development services by Promotive Digital Solutions have increased their aspects, which helps any business work fine.

A software development agency in Noida ensures that you can now focus 100% on your core business activities. Software development companies ensure you to provide best development service and are the perfect choice for all your development services.

Promotive Digital Solutions has an experienced team of professionals who provide you with high-quality software development in Noida. With us you will get different range of services such as mobile application development, and online marketing services that include SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing.

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