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PPC can do magic for business if only you know how to create profitable Ads

A fun, innovative, and well-executed PPC campaign can work wonders for your business and earn quality leads. If you can create a seamless user journey it could mean a massive ROI for your PPC efforts. We can help you set up tracking tags across all online activity like we did for our 121+ clients, and design a content strategy for all customer touchpoints that leads to 15X conversion rate.

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PPC Is The Way To Go As It Allows Your Business To Flourish And Rise Above Others

Conversions turn into revenue and raise brand awareness for your business. Both of these are desired end results of using PPC. Paying for bids to move your ad to the top of the search results page increases your chances of getting more clicks, impressions, and conversions. You might save money as you develop more keywords.

As organic results improve, PPC helps you to get your brand out there and attract more visitors to your site. PPC can also aid in improving organic results over time. PPC brings the appropriate customers to your adverts at the correct moment. This is one of the most effective methods for getting your name out there and earning the money you desire.

We want to work with you for many years and see your company grow.

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Need help in deciding right PPC Ads Package?

Not sure which package is right for your goal? Drop up a line, and we would be more than happy to assist you with same



Case Study

IMS Unison University, Dehradun

Generated Over 10,000+ Admission Leads In 2022

IMS Unison University, Dehradun, is one of the top institutions in India for professional education. It is established and approved by the State government & Bar council of India. IMS is also approved & recognised by UGC, AICTE & AIU.
Requirement : To get maximum no. of potential clients who are looking for professional degrees and courses, so as to fulfill all 1300 admissions.
Solution: We have launched search campaigns for all 5 schools (school of management, school of law, school of hospitality management, school of liberal arts, school of media and communication design) and generated 11,456 leads in total @ Cost/Conv. Of INR 237.

Need help in deciding right PPC Ads Package?

Not sure which package is right for your goal? Drop up a line, and we would be more than happy to assist you with same

Strategies Employed To Bring Sales To Your Business

Pay Per Click -Market Yourself Through Advertisements

Strategizing and Setting Goal

We create a masterplan for running successful PPC campaigns by defining the right goals, target KPIs and a set of regular optimization activities. And measure its success by systematic reporting and benchmarking.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

We research and select the most appropriate & target keywords using competitor analysis. And choose the best keywords to bid on that are most likely to result in clicks, CTR and conversions.

Creation & Optimization of Landing Pages

As Landing page is the face of your brand, we ensure that it has an exceptional UI/UX which clearly highlights your unique selling point (USP) with multiple CTAs. This helps in getting maximum conversions.

Campaign Creation and Ads Mapping

Creative ads are proven to be more result-driven and that is why we create impressive advertisements that can effectively share your brand story to promote and optimize conversions.

Bid Management and ROI Tracking

We strategically raise and lower your keyword bids to get the most out of your ad campaign budget. We track your ROI from our analytics and ensure that the campaign and optimization score is befitting.

Retarget & Remarketing

We re-engage visitors by displaying ads on news websites, blogs and posts. With remarketing ads we create personalized messages that entice visitors to return to your website and make a purchase.

Tools We Used

Tools We Used

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Need help in deciding right PPC Ads Package?

Not sure which package is right for your goal? Drop up a line, and we would be more than happy to assist you with same

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC marketing services are critical for all firms since they function as a performance booster for your digital performance. Using PPC, you may attract high-quality online traffic while also ensuring a high conversion rate to make cash. It aids in the scalability of businesses on internet platforms.

The pay-per-click (PPC) model is a digital marketing tactic that directs online visitors to a landing page. Each click on the uploaded ad is paid for by the advertiser. It is a low-cost digital marketing solution that ensures a high conversion rate for businesses.

PPC services cover a wide range of professional services such as Google ad management, online bidding management, keyword research and analysis, ad development, ad distribution, SMM and SEO, remarketing, mobile and video marketing, and so on. Every one of the aforementioned services aids in boosting online traffic to the page.

Our PPC Services are inexpensive and provide a high return on investment. It targets the internet audience’s seeking intent, ensuring that marketing objectives are met. It achieves success in both digital branding and income-generating.

First, a list of terms will be chosen that will be activated by users looking on search engines. Then, for each of these phrases, we create an ad to advertise your products or services, which people will see when searching for related terms. You’ll be charged each time a person clicks on the ad and visits your website. The amount you’ll pay is decided by a pre-established maximum bid based on how much you’re willing to spend.

Pay Per Click advertisements is one of the most efficient internet marketing strategies because they target people who have previously indicated an interest in your products or services via a search query and turn them into active consumers more readily than other marketing approaches. We give concrete outcomes to our clients with bespoke reports and call monitoring, allowing us to evaluate what’s working and what may be improved, providing your company a competitive advantage.


PPC ad campaigns might cover several websites, making it tough to stay on top of everything. Furthermore, if you don’t perform adequate keyword research to support your PPC campaign, it’s possible that they won’t be noticed by everyone you’re targeting. You’ll be able to focus on other parts of your business while we handle everything from ad development and publishing to call monitoring and bespoke analytics with the help of Promotive’s skilled specialists.

Promotive provides you with Google, Yahoo, and Bing platforms. We place all of our clients on Google first because it is the largest search engine. We then expanded our PPC campaigns to Yahoo and Bing.

PPC Companies in Noida | Advertising Agency in Noida

PPC is a way to market your business and reach new customers, but it may be a touch confusing initially for those just getting started with the channel. PPC (Pay Per Click) is an internet advertising model in which advertisers pay when you click on their online ads. It is a digital advertising model where a business pays an advertising publisher for each user to click on their ad.

PPC companies in Noida by Promotive Digital Solutions provides you with internet advertising model within which advertisers pay when a user clicks on one among their online ads. PPC marketing presents a major opportunity for digital marketers to grow their traffic and conversion metrics. Pay Per Click can cause major headaches. PPC works is you set a budget for your advertisement on a given platform like Google or Facebook, so pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Advertising Agency help you to create advertising & marketing plans for your company. The process of designing these campaigns, they are also tasked with keeping budgets in check, maintaining and developing your brand, and not straying from the objectives you’ve laid out for your business. PDS companies provides you with best services.

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