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Oxigize Citrus

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Oxygen is most vital in everyone’s life. We can literally not survive without it. But you do get the liberty to choose how do you want to consume it, like which flavour? You can always go for our special citrus burst. Citrus trees are popularly cultivated in warm countries for their fruit, like lemon and orange.

It is somewhat like a young living blend which brings a refreshing aroma that you can make in your home and work space. Unlike many other essential oils, various health and skin benefits of citrus oil have been studied.

Not only this perfect combination brings you the smooth and radiant skin, you always wished for but also helps to improve your body odour, as it uplifts your signature scent. It works wonder for a headache and hangovers, you’ll get instant relief. Studies have also shown that use of citrus refreshes you and invites positive energy which leaves a cooling effect on your skin.
For all you smokers, this will easily get rid of your after-smoking odour as the citrus smell overcomes the cigarette and it’s beneficial for your respiratory system as well.

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