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  • What is Oxygize Oxygen?

    Oxygize Oxygen is a 10 litres canister of oxygen. It is all natural and contains no caffeine, calories or any other stimulants.

  • Can it be carried onboard flight?

    It can be carried in check in luggage but not in cabin bags . But airlines rules vary so kindly confirm them before travelling

  • Can I use this for travel to Leh?

    Yes , To travel above 5000 feet and let is 9800 ft , so it is highly recommended to carry Oxygize with you to stave off altitude sickness, or recover from it, try Oxygize oxygen’s Natural canisters, both light-weight and easy to carry. Throughout your travel, repeat inhalations as needed.

  • Refillable or one time use?

    One time use .

  • What is its expiry date if we not use?

    3 years from the date of filling

  • I recenty bought the bottle but it feels absolute light and empty. How can i know if the bottle is not empty?

    Our aerosol cans are lightweight and filled with compressed oxygen and as oxygen is a gas, the container will obviously feel very light. Hence , portable but filled with oxygen . Use it and know.

  • Can it be reuse after one use?

    Yes you can

  • How many time continuously used by patient?

    These cans are not a supplement for continuous supply of oxygen prescribed by doctors , if taken continuously the canister will be finished in 180-240 seconds.

  • Where can I buy oxygize oxygen?

    You can buy it from www.smsmultitech.com , amazon.in , flipkart.com , paytm , 1mg , nedmeds or just give us a call on +91-9953235333

  • What if I have a question?
  • How many inhalations are in a can?

    It depends on how deeply you breath , Container contains 10 litres of aviator’s breathing oxygen , which equates to 200 seconds of continuous oxygen flow or over 200 one second inhalations . People report enjoying 175-200 inhalations of varying length.

  • How to use Oxygize?

    Remove the cap and the mask >> Put the mask in the actuator >> Cover your mouth and nose , press the actuator and breath normally >> Put the mask and cap back and store for future use.


    Remove the cap and the mask >> Press the actuator close to your nose and mouth and breath normally >> Put the mask and cap back and store for future use.

    Try using Oxygize oxygen directly from the nozzle and also with mask attached to know your personal preference.

    For further information on how to use refer : https://youtu.be/jxR

  • Can I travel on a airplane with Oxygize oxygen?

    Every airline have separate rules , you can carry it in your checked in luggage but in your cabin one. Also , let us know where you’re travelling and when while placing your order and its will be waiting at your destination for your arrival

  • How is Aroma therapy scents?

    Oxygen is tasteless and odorless , we add a different perception of use for our users. Our aromas are 100 % pure and organic giving benefits and flavor in addition to the benefits oxygen gives.

  • What is Oxygize Challenge?

    Oxygize is all about creating a positive change in your life.

    • We all have a room to grow and expand .
    • We all have the inner spark of greatness.
    • We all have talents and abilities that we haven’t reached for yet .
    • We challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone.
    • We challenge youto stop wasting your precious time and instead focus on living presently involved in the moment, one day at a time.
    • We challenge youto get yourself excited about your life and feed off that created energy.
    • We challenge youto maximize your potential and become the best you.
    • We challenge youto stop procrastinating and making excuses in life and instead start today on those goals of yours. If not now then when?

    By working on ourselves, positive change
will happen slowly and steady.
When your energy levels are down,
take a deep breath and use 
OXYGIZE oxygen to replenish, refuel and

    Share your pictures or videos while you accept our challenge using Oxygize Oxygen on Instagram , Facebook or twitter with

    #Oxygize_Oxygen or @Oxygize_Oxygen

    Get discount coupon for your next purchase delivered to your inbox and get a chance to win free goodies which will help you achieve the challenge from Oxygize . (Winners will be selected every month )

    # Challenge accepted could be anything like quit smoking , will go for an adventure , work longer hours , be fit , train themselves , learn a new sport or activity ,anything you wanted to do for long but just couldn’t .!

  • How & When to use Oxygize?

    This pack is designed for recreational use only , it is not a supplement for continuous flow of oxygen prescribed by the doctors.

    -For enhanced health and wellbeing, try OXYGIZE Oxygen in Natural or Peppermint. Take two-to-three inhalations when looking to increase energy, enhance mental alertness and boost your immune system.

    -Oxygize Oxygen STRESS provides a spa-like experience, providing moments of calm during the stressors of daily life.

    Now you can make Oxygize Oxygen STRESS as a part of your beauty regime. Take three-to-five inhalations of our Oxygize Oxygen STRESS daily as part of your morning and evening skincare routine. Oxygize Oxygen STRESS should also be used when exposed to poor air quality and to promote relaxation.

    -For fast recovery and enhanced performance, try Oxygize Oxygen’s can in Peppermint. For strenuous sports or workout sessions use by taking three-to-five inhalations before the event, three-to-five during a rest period, and three-to-five at the end to speed recovery and stay on top of your game.

    -For a fast and effective hangover remedy, try Oxygize Oxygen’s can in Natural. Take two-to-three inhalations before you start drinking, then follow-up with three-to-five inhalations the morning after. We’ve found that our citrus burst flavour works well the morning after as it relieves mental fatigue and rejuvenates.Drink plenty of water to help flush out the alcohol. Repeat every 15 minutes until you feel the symptoms lessen.

    -To stave off altitude sickness, or recover from it, try Oxygize oxygen’s Natural canisters, both light-weight and easy to carry. Take three-to-five inhalations at the onset of your climb to your high altitude destination, three-to-five during periodic rest periods, and three-to-five inhalations at the end of your trek. Throughout your climb, repeat inhalations as needed. Should Acute Mountain Sickness symptoms continue or worsen, immediately seek lower elevations and medical assistance.

  • In which flavour is Oxygize available?

    We are Available in 3 flavours except Natural which are Stress , Peppermint and Citrus Burst .

  • Testimonials

    A must buy for everyone who lives in the polluted cities of India :
    " Put simply, I love this product and use it almost religiously for energy, focus, stamina, and recovery or whenever I feel like breathing fresh air . A perfect alternative to caffeine, soda, energy drinks and other poisons marketed as “pick-me-ups.” I’ve been using this product for some time and have never had an issue with “empty” cans and, the cap is innovative and can be used as a mask too . "
    Siddharth Gupta
    ( Sr. Software Engineer )
    Congnizant - Bangalore
    used it for leh bike trip . This saved my friends life when she was hit with AMS. Reduced the symtoms and helped her recover.
    Used it on Tang la pass 2nd highest pass in the world . Need that little boost to recover.
    Ankit Madaan
    ( Analyst )
    Tech Mahindra - Pune

    I was very skeptical about the product before using it but I was amazed by the product once I used it I go to gym daily and there are times when I feel the air around isn’t pure too much dust and pollution and to my bad luck my gym is also located in a area where they are building new infrastructures. And it helped me get out of hangovers so effectively I was shocked and the smell reduction, it worked like a charm 10/10 would recommend it to everyone. I would recommend the peppermint one
    Sumit Shrivastava
    ( Marketing Manager )
    Wizie.com - Gurgaon

    Very nice product. It’s very helpful for high altitude oxygen related problem. I have recently used this product at Gurudongmar Lake, north Sikkim
    Prajakta Mane
    ( Quality Analyst )
    Tata Motors - Mumbai
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