Climbing to altitude heights over 5,000 feet results in significantly lower Oxygen levels making it difficult for the human body to adjust. 40% of people who visit high-altitude/low oxygen tourist attractions (like the Swiss Alps or Himalayas) can experience ranges of Mountain Sickness (headaches, nausea, and general malaise).

According to WEB MD, National Health Service (UK), eMedicineHealth (and other reputable sources), giving supplemental Oxygen is the #1 recommended remedy for the symptoms of altitude sickness caused by the deprivation of oxygen to the body. Oxygize oxygen has been used by countless Himalayan and mountain enthusiasts to help recover from the effects associated with altitude sickness (Acute Mountain Sickness).

Recommended Use :

To stave off altitude sickness, or recover from it, try Oxygize oxygen’s Natural canisters, both light-weight and easy to carry. Take three-to-five inhalations at the onset of your climb to your high altitude destination, three-to-five during periodic rest periods, and three-to-five inhalations at the end of your trek. Throughout your climb, repeat inhalations as needed. Should Acute Mountain Sickness symptoms continue or worsen, immediately seek lower elevations and medical assistance.


A must buy for everyone who lives in the polluted cities of India :
" Put simply, I love this product and use it almost religiously for energy, focus, stamina, and recovery or whenever I feel like breathing fresh air . A perfect alternative to caffeine, soda, energy drinks and other poisons marketed as “pick-me-ups.” I’ve been using this product for some time and have never had an issue with “empty” cans and, the cap is innovative and can be used as a mask too . "
Siddharth Gupta
( Sr. Software Engineer )
Congnizant - Bangalore
used it for leh bike trip . This saved my friends life when she was hit with AMS. Reduced the symtoms and helped her recover.
Used it on Tang la pass 2nd highest pass in the world . Need that little boost to recover.
Ankit Madaan
( Analyst )
Tech Mahindra - Pune

I was very skeptical about the product before using it but I was amazed by the product once I used it I go to gym daily and there are times when I feel the air around isn’t pure too much dust and pollution and to my bad luck my gym is also located in a area where they are building new infrastructures. And it helped me get out of hangovers so effectively I was shocked and the smell reduction, it worked like a charm 10/10 would recommend it to everyone. I would recommend the peppermint one
Sumit Shrivastava
( Marketing Manager ) - Gurgaon

Very nice product. It’s very helpful for high altitude oxygen related problem. I have recently used this product at Gurudongmar Lake, north Sikkim
Prajakta Mane
( Quality Analyst )
Tata Motors - Mumbai
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